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We Repair Leaking Roofs in Melbourne

The Roof Dentist is a specialist in repairing and rectifying leaky roofs with over 25 years experience and know how. Fast and accurate leak detection is the key to solving your roof problems and our team are qualified professional roof practitioners. The Roof Dentist is not a restoration company that simply re-colours your roof and sprays over the cracks. At The Roof Dentist we aim to get to the root of your leakage problem as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our only aim is to ensure you get quality outcomes that fix the problems long term.

With The Roof Dentist you won't get a flashy feet on the ground salesman - the man that does the quote does the job, so you have peace of mind knowing that your roof is being totally cared for at every stage with The Roof Dentist.

The Roof Dentist - puts a smile on your roof

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